About us

Since its foundation in 1998, BankRisk Educational Group has trained over 75,000 professionals, with more than 100 clients served, for the financial, corporate and academic segments.

Our company was born as a compliance & risk management consulting firm for the Financial Market and in a few years moved to the area of executive training and people development, becoming the largest company in the preparation courses for financial market executives to the Professional Certification Program Anbid (Anbima) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) IBCPF Brazilian Institute of Financial Planners.

Since 2005 we have expanded our borders through BR-Academy, creating the largest Brazilian company specialized in the application of business games and simulations, developing projects with Banks, Business Schools, Higher Education Institutions and Organizations in general.

At BR-Academy, we believe that any business strategy defines a company's intent. In essence, it's a promise – a promise that defines what your organization intends to deliver to its customers and the marketplace. But articulating a good strategy is only the beginning. It's the strategy's execution that determines whether an organization can turn good intentions into profits.

It is our primary mission to become a leading provider of innovative training solutions that will help organizations to execute their business strategy and realize a higher return on their training investment and value creation by applying our learning instruments.

And all of this is possible thanks to the alliances we have with the best global solution providers, a long history in executive education and a team of highly qualified result-oriented consultants and partners.

Welcome to BR-Academy.

Antonio Dirceu de Miranda, CEO and Founder