Academic and Business Schools

Our business simulations allow students to apply the newly acquired theoretical knowledge in a simulated business world. As the students make realistic business decisions and analyze the results of their actions, the important business principles will become a part of their natural thinking.

More effective learning: The strategy business game environment stimulates the competitive spirit. As students focus on outsmarting the classmates in a friendly game, the competitiveness drives the learning. Learning occurs as a necessity to master the exercise and perform better than the other teams.

While bringing more excitement to the classroom, the realistic experiential learning delivered by us can greatly increase the learning retention rate of your students.

Easy to administer: BR Academy Help Desk will set up your simulation game according to your specifications and then handle the game administration throughout the exercise.

As an instructor, you have an instant access to your students' assignments and you can monitor their activity online. The software automatically evaluates the performance of your students to simplify the final grading process.

Free support: To help you get quickly up to speed with BR Academy , we will provide you with all necessary materials such as presentations, coaching tips, FAQ list, syllabus, test bank etc. Our support specialists will work with you to answer any simulation-related questions that you (or your students) may have throughout the course.