Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
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At the graduate and undergraduate levels, 2 format are available, a semester or quarter-long course and an intensive short-course:

Semester-long course

The business simulation is the dominant activity for 8 to 10 weeks. One decision is due each week, with 1 to 2 weeks set aside to prepare a business plan. The class is a mixture of lectures and simulation activity. Usually, one lecture period each week is set aside for team decision making and an executive briefing is often scheduled every other week with each team.

The major advantage of the semester-long course is that the students have more time to develop their critical thinking skills. They have time to reflect on their decisions and debate the options, tradeoffs, and potential outcomes with their teammates.

Intensive courses

Ideal for graduate programs, two formats of intensive courses are available. A favorite format is a 4 to 5 day intensive course at either the end of the program (a capstone experience) or midway through it (an integration and transition experience to the concentrations). Each decision round lasts 4 hours, and 1 or 2 days are scheduled for preparation of the business plan (market assessment, tactics, and pro forma financial statements).

Another format is 3 consecutives full day course (can be Saturdays) The lectures, in both formats mentioned here are eliminated because it is assumed that the students are well prepared from their prior schoolwork.