Alliances and Partnerships

All of our alliances or partnership has to generate the potential to add value. The alliances must contribute towards the strategic objectives of all parts involved, and the likely outcomes of the alliance must be properly aligned to the required strategic outcomes.

Finally the alliances have to be made to work.

All the relationship with our business partners are rulled by formal contracts as well as by our code of ethics and conduct, which all of our partner, consultants or employee have signed it.

At BR-Academy we have basically two formats of alliances and partnerships:

  • Solution Providers
    A group of the best business games developers, wich from our point of view are complementary, either on media formats, target audience, pricing policies, level of complexity or different areas of knowledge.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    In this case all the partnerships which directly or indirectly help BR Academy to follow its business strategy or accomplish its mission and vision.

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