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Experiential learning emphasizes the interaction between experience and learning by exploiting the subjective nature of the learning process and creating a transformation of experience that engenders knowledge. Business simulation games relate directly to the nature of experiential learning. Business games provide students the opportunity to:

  • assume the roles and responsibilities of executives;
  • become intimately involved in decisions faced by real people in real organizations;
  • experience pressure; and
  • recognize risks.

Moreover, this method is an excellent tool to test the understanding of theory, to connect theory with application, and to develop theoretical insights.

At BR-Academy we don’t approach leadership abstractly but instead we recognize that it means different things depending on a manager’s level, his or her functional area, the challenges faced by the firm and its business context. We look at what leaders need to do to address specific challenges and focus our programs on those needs.
A special and yet common situation is the need for general business acumen in professionals with non-business degrees, such as engineers or scientists. Such managers need a strong grasp of the end-to-end nature of the business.

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