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Creating learning transformational experiences

Work in organizations is increasingly becoming structured in teams and groups supported by technology. Competence is based on the collaborative expertise of teams and networks, socially shared cognition and capability. When representatives from all relevant areas of expertise are brought together, team decisions and actions are more likely to encompass a full range of perspectives and issues that may affect the success of a collective venture. These are the role of the next generation simulations.

At BR-Academy we can build an organization’s capability to:

  • Drive organic growth through innovation
  • Drive organic growth through global expansion
  • Increase integration across the enterprise
  • Increase agility and speed to market
  • Improve customer relations
  • Reduce costs through increasing efficiency
  • Manage culture change resulting from a merger or acquisition
  • Shift from being technologically-driven to market-driven
  • Respond to changing competitive pressures
  • Market globally while recognizing local needs
  • Integrate new employees and get them up to speed quickly (on-boarding)
  • Transition from B2B to B2C
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