New talents attraction Programs

The Business Games in recruiting service or how to attract the best talent playing tomorrow … seriously
The context: the battle for recruiting young talent
Succeed in bringing your company in the high potential of tomorrow is a major concern of the HR function. Specifically companies are struggling to attract and select talent for the future, those at the end of cycle training. Whatever their industry, companies are targeting the same formations among the most recognized. And not only on a national market for talent, but more and more global.
The campus grounds are a real guerrilla recruitment, strokes HR marketing operations conducted under the auspices of Campus Operations Managers, an HR function established for this purpose. We offer to share our analysis and feedback on the games business recruitment, widespread and innovative.

Doing Business in action games recruitment

A business recruitment game is a team game where students compete most wanted to win lots of reputation and good chances of being recruited.
The games business has become a preferred means to maintain relationships with target schools, usually providing the best training of management and engineering. Participation and Business Success in these games are for schools with large image issues, and because they enhance their reputation and sometimes their pedagogy.
These years, we have identified three trends in the use of business games recruitment.:

  • They have been internationalized to meet the recruitment needs and take advantage of talent able to work abroad.
  • They become more diverse, by the themes (the emergence of sustainable development…) and targeted skills (engineers…)
  • Internet usage has grown as a medium of communication and support events like the Business Game. Note that a consequence of these four trends, investment for business games recruitment increases.