Finance and Business Strategy

Business acumen in team-based experiential learning workshops

These are board game where learners become entrepreneurial executives, teams become corporate giants, and the classroom becomes an entire industry. It is an ideal environment for learning – everything has immediate application to the game board entity, and is directly transferable to the real world.

Income/Outcome Our Strategy Alignment Business Simulations present real-world drivers of real-world business. You can use Income/Outcome to meet a range of financial and business acumen training needs - from workforce development to leadership programs to major strategic initiatives.

Income/Outcome defines and delivers the three components of Business Acumen:

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  • A clear understanding of business dynamics, and how they are represented in financial statements and analytical tools.
  • Practical communication with other departments and levels, based on the common language of finance and a shared understanding of the business
  • A decision-making environment that includes all departments of a business, while using standard financial tools, concepts and measures.