Managing a Global Business
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  • Brief Description

Managing a Global Business offers strategy immersion - each "company" has opportunities to expand into new product lines, enter new global markets, develop quality initiatives, implement process improvements, develop strategic alliances, and more. The teams represent a rapidly changing industry that is being destabilized by the competitors themselves. Ongoing competitor analysis and market awareness are crucial for survival.

  • Learning Objectives

- Provide a solid financial grounding, independent of the career path that has been followed to this point
- Raise individuals out of the product or market environment, and provides a global perspective on the challenge of business today

  • Typical Training and Length

3 days.

  • Target Audience

People who impact the strategic direction of the company - professionals, sales people, managers and executives from all areas of the operation.

  • Areas of Knowledge

Strategy, Cost-benefit Analysis, New Market Development, Repositioning of Products.

  • Practical Application

Board Game