Apollo 13 - an ITSM Case Experience
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  • Brief Description

logo_apollo13In this training, real life situations taken from the Apollo 13 mission are simulated. Participants will enact the roles of the Mission Operations Control team of Apollo 13. They will have to work together as a team, take decisions, agree and apply their own working practices in order to meet their service level targets and save the astronauts. If ITIL is an important learning objective they can apply ITIL best practices to design and develop their processes.

  • Learning Objectives

• Learn more about ITSM processes (design, implement, monitor and improve)
• Learn more about continuous improvement
• Learn more about monitor and control (KPI's, Dashboards, reporting)
• Learn more about process roles and responsibilities
• Learn more about the benefits of ITSM processes
• Learn more about Service Level Agreements and how they are used implementing and improving processes (Service Improvement Plans)
• Learn more about managing process chains from customer towards suppliers

  • Typical Training and Length

Four rounds. The 4 rounds represent the lifecycle of an IT solution. In Round 1 the team must Build and configure the Rocket, In Round 2 they must implement the support processes for dealing with Crew requests and incidents, In Round 3 they must implement a process for dealing with Changes, In Round 4 they must apply processes for optimizing performance and meeting service and cost agreements.

  • Target Audience

Seguidores de ITL; responsáveis por implantar ITIL; gerentes que desejam ter experiência em acompanhamento de processos.

  • Areas of Knowledge


  • Practical Application

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