Computer Retail
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  • Brief Description

Competitive business simulation in the computer industry. You will begin a new business and invest in a great variety of products, such as components and/or systems manufacture, and your goal is to increase sales revenue and be succeful in your choices. You will compete against 6 virtual competitors: AAA Computers Inc., Fast Circuit Inc., GiGa Byte Inc., HiX Computers Inc., Max Performance Inc., Mega Power Inc., Orange Tech Inc., Peer Star Inc. and Super Bit Inc.

  • Target Audience


  • Typical Training and Length

12 Business Quarters (3 years), at a screen-refresh rate of 3-15 minutes per simulated Quarter.

  • Areas of Knowledge

Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Market Segmentation, New Product Introduction, Operations management, Product Lifecycle, Portfolio Management, Competitive Advantages, Inventory Management, Capacity Planning, Finance, Issue/Buyback Shares, Mergers and Acquisitions, Company Valuation.

  • Practical Application

Online Business Simulation