Telco Industry Management
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  • Brief Description

Build your Telco operating company as you battle for market supremacy against the large incumbent BigTel and a smaller, dynamic upstart, PeopleTel. Heavy investment in new subscribers is needed to balance high capital costs. Your company has already invested into 4 product lines: Mobile Home, Mobile Small Business, Broadband Home and Broadband Small Business. You are competing against 3 virtual competitors: TelCo Inc., BigTel Inc. and PeopleTel Inc. You need to invest heavily to get new subscribers and become market leader.

  • Target Audience


  • Typical Training and Length

12 Quarters (3 business years), at a screen-refresh rate of 4-15 minutes per simulated Quarter.

  • Areas of Knowledge

Strategy, Market Segmentation, Product Lifecycle, Portfolio Management, Customer retention, Customer acquisition.

  • Practical Application

Online Business Simulation