Retail Bank
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  • Brief Description

Explore the complexity of the Banking Industry is this simulation, where you Will develop strategies to manage your Bank by setting loans and deposits rates, adjusting marketing budgets, managing HR. You can also expand to other business units and offer services such as Personal Current Accounts, Personal Savings Accounts, Personal Credit Cards and Personal Loans & Mortgages.

  • Target Audience


  • Typical Training and Length

12 Quarters (3 business years), at a screen-refresh rate of 2-10 minutes per simulated Quarter.

  • Areas of Knowledge

Treasury, Entrepreneurship, Market Segmentation, Services, Portfolio Management, HR Management, Customer retention, Customer acquisition, Finance, Issue/Buyback Shares, Mergers and Acquisitions, Liderança, Team Building, Communication, Group Decision Making.

  • Practical Application

Online Business Simulation